Monday, 9 September 2013


Well, what had you done during your summer break?
For me, I have made the decision to join one of the AIESEC program which is “Global Community Development Program”
Yessssssssss, GCDP!!!!!!!! 
It is a minimum of 6 weeks community development internship that provide the opportunity for youths to make a positive impact on the society based on several issued on the society.

For instance, my project is more on issue about education and cultural understanding. 

I spent 7 weeks’ time in Taiwan for “Love for Kids” Project under AIESEC National Taiwan University and
TRAVELLINGGGGGGG at the same time!!! 50 days in Taiwannnnnnnnn!!!!

How can we forget to travel when we are already in another country???!!
So How was my experience in Taiwan??ermmmm.. this is really a good question

So what had I done during my project in Taiwan? It has been 1 month since I came back from Taiwan in August. I keep over-thinking and asking myself questions.

What did I learned in Taiwan?
Any changes in myself after coming back?
Is it worth to spend money and time on it?
Do I regret for making this decision?

It seems that it takes me some time to digest all the doubts in my mind, so now, I think I have figured it out some of it.  
Do I ever regret? Of course not, I know this is what I really want, and I spend so long time to convince my parent to get the permission to go to another country for community service all alone, without any friends there, and I only allow to go after compromise a lot with my parent. ( My first choice is not Taiwan but India/Cambodia, but I cannot go due to safety issue, sad case L ) So, is it the right choice to go to Taiwan? I wonder too.

Being in the place which is more developed than where I am staying, what can I do? Indeed, what can I do?
In fact, there are a lot to do if you want to.

其实做的也可以很多 只要你想要做
每个人只想着去到乡村的地方 认为那里更需要帮助 impact会更大
其实不然 难道城市就没有贫穷 没有教育不足的问题吗? 其实有 只是人们单方面地只看到城市的发展 看到教育有多成功 却总是忽略了那一小部分需要帮忙的人

以外国人的身份教小朋友的确是更吸引人的 因为小朋友会对你产生好奇心 所以更懂得聆听 这是我们和台湾老师的不同点吧
台湾的英文老师教了很久的 我们教了两堂课 小朋友竟然记得了 虽然只是短短的一句
What is your name? My name is xxx

觉得自己的选择是对的 J

happy summer in taiwan

-- 和小朋友的小小对话:
*Little conversation between me and one of the kid in the organization*
小朋友 老师,那个金头发的姐姐是哪里来的??
           哈哈 捷克啊 离这里很远的地方 她做了17小时的飞机才到的叻
小朋友 飞机啊 这么好 我都没有做过 那你也是啊?
           对啊 只是我比较近 4小时就到了 你可以来马来西亚找我啊
小朋友 :那应该要很贵耶。。。那金头发姐姐怎么长大的?她是不是一生出来就这么      高?她有妈妈吗?
           :哈哈 她当然有妈妈啊 就像我们也有妈妈一样 她以前也和你一样小小的啊 你以后也可以长高高的啦 所以你也要乖乖吃饭 才可以长高
【哈哈 有点被小朋友的问题问得不知怎么回答了】
小朋友 我还以为他们那里没有小朋友叻

Children tend to talk to me because there is no language barrier between us, so I always help to be the translator for my teammate from Czech Republic and Switzerland too. Actually it is quite fun to translate for the children. It actually takes you some time to think of the best way to translate what they say better. 

--> Always feel blessed to be a Malaysian because we speak not only our native language, we are speaking more than 2 languages :DDDDDDD

see the innocent and cute faces of children everytime they were forced to take pictures :P hahaha

okay back to the topic..
其实你可以发现到小朋友对很多事物的好奇心 可他们很难有机会接触到不同的人与事物 所以至少我希望我们能让他们有机会认识到除了台湾以外 世界上另一个不同的地方 不同的文化 另外 在介绍自己国家时 突然有种莫名的兴奋  很开心可以通过自己 让小朋友更了解 更明白到和台湾一样的文化 我想又当地人自己的介绍一定和在课本 或是网络上看到的不一样 会更贴切 更让人好奇

这些让我觉得好值得 所以我不后悔 J 还有好多好多 毕竟7个星期的时间并不短。。

Say NOOOOOO NOOOOOO NOOOOOO to the old traditional way of teaching english, not merely in classroom but kitchen!! :D
Cooking lesson is one of the way we teach children because the only way to keep children attention is the FOOODDDDDD xD
In the meanwhile i can introduce them our Malaysia food Onde-Ondeeee!!!
They find the name of onde-onde very funny, but I still insist to ask them to follow me to say it out several times haha :P
you will find the color of the onde-onde is orange because i can't find pandan leaves in Taiwan!! so i just use sweet potato as substitute and it actually turn out fab too, UNBELIEVABLE!!
[haha the Czech Republic friend Andy like to say this word :P ]

So we had 2 cooking lesson because we can see children really enjoy a lot during the lesson especially the pizza tutorial which each kid can make their own little cute pizza for themselves. Not only children, I was super excited too!!! haha thanks to our good chef from Switzerland, I will definitely learn to make cheese cake if time allows!! :DDDD
  To be continueeeee…..